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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Thanks to Dr. Lycia I am able to stand up straighter and longer without pain and discomfort. I can also breathe better because the congestion in my sinuses is gone. I love how gentle and relaxing the adjustments are."
  • "I have been battling misdiagnosed / undiagnosed GI issues for years. After the first week with Dr. Lycia, I had 13 AMAZING days in a row. I have not had that in nine years!"
  • "I had a difficult birth which resulted in not being able to latch properly. As I grew, I was constantly getting colds and being put on antibiotics. I saw Dr. Lycia after being sick for five weeks straight. I no longer struggle with being sick because now my immune system is healthier than ever."
  • "I was born early and had a problem with my tear duct not draining. Once I started getting adjusted that problem went away. Plus, I was rolling over before my 3-month birthday! Can't wait for more of the benefits I get from seeing Dr. Lycia as I continue to grow."
  • "This has changed my life in SO many ways. Dr. Lycia is the most genuine and caring human beings!"
    Sunshine B.
  • "Dr. Lycia worked her magic on my 10 month old with a gross motor delay. She started army crawling after her second adjustment and has been getting more mobile every day! I have also been seeing her myself. Highly recommend for adults as well as children"
    Raquel K
  • "I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lycia! She is the most genuine, caring, trusting and wonderful listener! If u r lucky enough to be in her area, just one appointment with her and you will see why she is different. Dr. Lycia is fantastic and if Technology could come up with virtual adjustments, I’d be in luck!!"
    Lori P.
  • "Dr. Lycia is fantastic! Highly recommend!!"
    Corey M.


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