If we were to ask you what some of the general associations are you have when thinking about chiropractic care. You would probably say jerking, twisting and cracking. Well Tonal Chiropractic Correction is essentially the exact opposite of these stereotypes.

Tonal Correction uses gentle, safe touch points that focus on the spinal cord and nervous system.

If a body is misaligned it disrupts the ability of the brain and body to function normally. This often leads to secondary conditions that cause you to realize there is a problem.

The reason the Tonal method is so effective is that by working directly with the nervous system we are able to “tune the body” to be self regulating. Much like when a musician tunes a guitar to get it to sound its best. You can play an instrument when it is out of tune, but in order for it to achieve it’s best sound…it needs to be tuned. Once your body is properly aligned and “tuned” you are able to operate at your best as well.

This gentle approach is the best way to treat the underlying conditions and not just treat a symptom. It is also ideal for people with limited motion, spinal injuries, expecting moms and new babies.

We consult every patient with a unique plan to find solutions to their needs.
We’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can help treat you.

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